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Nanjing Nano Tech Institute(hereafter referred to as “Institute”) is located at the national Jiangbei New Area which is the center of innovation and technology. Jiangbei New Area is a collection of innovation and a basis of science research. The Institute is a high -tech incubator introduced with high priority by Nanjing government and strong supported with the policy in 2019. The Institute has  the high technology research and development ability and the technology industrialization ability to accelerate the realization commercial proft return.

The Institute is committed to integrate the innovation resource in the nanotech feld, focusing on the New Communication Technology, Smart Consumption and Manufacture, Health care, providing the world-top nano processing and components integration and products, introducing talents and research team by using the advantages of development strategy and policy in the Jiangbei New Area, doing pre-research and industrial transformation, promoting marketization process by special funds. 

Basing on the framework of 1+2+N, the Institute is the core part which is attached with research center and production center, keeping cultivating a number of high-tech and high-value-added technologies. The research center focuses on the critical and original nano technolo- gies. The production center provides the full range of service and support, helping the research team try the technology commercializa- tion, building the mechanism of research fndings transformation. 

The Institute deeply researches and develops in the feld of nano technology, introducing the world-class R&D leaders and team, promote the development of modern innovation with the help of traditional theories. Centering on the scientifc and technological paradigm of "NANO+", the Institute is mainly engaged in "deep science and technology" as the core, combining modern science with optics, electricity, acoustics and other traditional disciplines to form a number of cutting-edge research and development directions oriented by the new needs of modern human beings, especially the systematic production research and new applicable nano devices. The Institute is committed to accelerate the popularization of referred technologies and incubation of new industries.

The emerging nanotechnologies are playing an signifcant roles to improve the national visibility and 

competitiveness in the world. Its innovative applications have been a signifcant driving force of global economy development, 

which has been connecting closely the capital and industries.

Cutting-edge designs and original concepts enabled by nanotechnolo-gy are facilitating us to create 

a totally new era. Unprecedented functions can be achieved on a scale of millimeter, micrometer, or even nanometer, with new 

applications such as nano-optoelectronics, nanomanufacturing, intelligent health, etc.

Remarkable achievements with ground breaking inventions are expected when we participate in such 

new opportunities. We envision revolutionary impacts of our work to the human society. The broader 

impacts go far beyond  today’s imagination and will have a long-lasting beneft upon a boundless mixture 

of social spheres.  Flying as a team,we welcome every talented one to join us!

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